Bahia Fitchen | Film Editor | Photographer | LinkedIn

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Bahia is a founding partner in A+B Films and a freelance video editor and photographer. She has been involved in the film industry in Cape Town and the UK for more than 6 years. She has worked with ad agencies, the Cape Film Commission, concert promoters, post-production houses, local NGO's and independent film makers in South Africa and Northern Ireland.

As a freelance video editor, she is able to work on projects dealing in issues that she values, involving conservation efforts and independent voices in film.

Her freelance portfolio includes projects with these organizations and artists: 

Save Japan Dolphins Daniel J. Harris AfriOceans Conservation Alliance Wild Images, (National Geographic & BBC) Pelican Pictures Moz Images | Green Renaissance Productions 50|50 (SABC2) | Giant Films

Aaron L. Hansen | Producer | Consultant | LinkedIn

Aaron L Hansen

Aaron has found himself in many places in the world looking for adventures and inspiration. He is based in the USA and South Africa, where he and Bahia started working on film projects together. He found his first opportunity producing the South African sequences in the upcoming freestyle football film, the DNA Sessions. He has since produced documentary films, news inserts and various internet promotional videos. He is now producing his first feature length film. 

He comes from a background in logistics, working for film festivals in the USA and major international events such as these:

SF SketchfestSan Francisco International Film Festival | Sundance Film Festival | FIFA World Cup Asian Games | Winter Olympic Games | NBA All-star Game | Cape Town Carnival 

He also does a bit of consulting on various creative strategy projects, graphic and web design and logistical planning for the Common Concept open-source project management co-op, which promotes skill and idea sharing for common goals. 

Once in a while he drives a boat. 

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