In addition to commercial projects, we focus our creative efforts on producing video projects for causes and people that we believe need to find a voice in the crowd. As A+B=FilmUnit, we work with local filmmakers, NGOs, and cause-conscious companies to conceptualize and implement video content for websites and social media. We do this by using minimal crew and gear while maintaining the highest quality HD video standards.

Searching for The Last Dance | 2013

Way back in the '90's, Holt McCallany appeared in a film with his friend, Heather. But unfortunately, the film was never released. The last remaining copy of that film exists somewhere in this garage. This film is about Holt McCallany's never ending search to find it for Heather. It is a film about one man's devotion to a friend and his life-long mission to save "The Last Dance" against incredible odds.

50|50 (SABC2) - Bangladeshi Turtle Slaughter | 2012

Produced and edited for Moz Images and 50|50
Originally aired on South African TV (SABC) on 30 July, 2012

Producers: Aaron Hansen (A+B=FilmUnit), Chris Scarffe (Moz Images)
Cameras: Chris Scarffe (Moz Images), Aaron Hansen (A+B=FilmUnit)
Editor: Bahia Fitchen (A+B=FilmUnit)


The following three films were conceived and produced while traveling through Malawi in 2012. ABFU produced, filmed and edited these films for these respective individuals and organisations, in order to assist them in getting their message out through online media.

Chauncy Maples | Lake Malawi

In 2010, the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust began work to refit and re-build the Chauncy Maples, Africa's oldest surviving motorised vessel, transforming her into a floating clinic, which will bring healthcare services to the many needy Malawians along the shores of Lake Malawi. In August 2012, A+B=FilmUnit visited the shipyard to see how it was going. We found a group of proud people working hard to bring the ship to life.

See www.chauncymaples.org for more about this project.

The Maru | Kande Beach, Malawi

Visiting Lake Malawi after a few years away, revealed some obvious changes. One of them is the distinct understanding that most of those who make their living on the lake believe fish stocks are dwindling. The Maru is a dive-based research centre, which works with local and international volunteers to understand how the lake is changing and how it affects those who depend on it. 

To find out how to volunteer at The Maru, visit www.themaru.org

Lukwe Gardens | Mantchewe, Malawi

In 1996, Lieza founded the gardens at Lukwe under the principles of permaculture forest gardening in a small hillside forest near Livingstonia, Malawi. After many years of trials, tribulations and water shortages, the gardens are more alive with food, color and diversity than any other place in the area.

Visit Lukwe to see for yourself and assist them in their mission to create living, edible forest gardens with their local neighbors and schools. For more info, visit www.lukwe.com

MyKAPE is a youth empowerment and eco-awareness expedition, using inspiration through climbing mountains and a love for our natural wonders to promote and spread awareness about environmental conservation amongst the young people of Africa. This video was made as part of a crowd funding effort to help ensure these expeditions are a huge success. http://www.mykape.com/ 

Kape2Atacama 2014: Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign Video

DNA: The South Africa Session - Cape Town Teaser (Unofficial) | 2011

This content was produced solely for South African sequences for an upcoming documentary film produced by The Cause Films.

Cameras: Jerry Johnson & Aaron Hansen (A+B=FilmUnit)
Director/Editor: Jerry Johnson
Producer: Aaron Hansen & Terry Stavoe (The Cause Films)